Coop branding

Rebranding or retro branding

There has been a great amount of coverage recently for the re-branding of the Co-op. Literally re-branding, in bringing back it’s iconic 1968 logo design. The project was undertaken by the design agency North who felt that there was inherent trust embodied in the classic logo. The decision reflects the Group’s strategy to return to it’s roots following a period of financial difficulties.

In some ways a brave decision to take (and to pitch), but one that seems to work well, and has been widely praised within the design industry. Which prompts the thought of what other British classic logos are deserving of resurrection?

A couple of possibilities (apart from NASA’s worm):

The British Telecom logo used from 1980-1991 and still visible on the pavements today:

British Steel logo, designed by David Gentleman, in use from 1969-1999 when it became part of the Corus Group.


Since starting the article, The British Steel logo has now been redesigned by Ruddocks. It seems that it has not been welcomed by all and has been labelled “A great disservice to the design business” by Michael Wolff. Comments that have also drawn some criticism from other designers.

Perhaps British Steel could have followed a similar path to Co-op, restoring an iconic design to help breathe new life into the industry.

Another update

And another. Kodak has also now ‘retrobranded’. More details in this It’s Nice That article.