Loving branding for the wrong reasons

Following up on a recent visit to The Bridge Theatre. A fantastic performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in a great venue. Had to admire the branding too by branding agency Koto. Bold, contemporary, and a simple and fun reference to the rising midsections of Tower Bridge, beside which the Theatre is located. Or is it?

Bridge Theatre logo design

Apparently not. This is not the rationale behind the branding according to UnderConsideration – “The new logo is built around a simple icon we call ‘Beam’. Named after a piece of theatre lighting terminology, this bridge like mechanic stays static in position, across logo formats, and becomes the instant icon at the centre of the whole identity.”

Bridge Theatre logo design

So it had nothing to do with the rising and falling of Tower Bridge. Undoubtedly one of many examples where what we see is not always what we were supposed to see.

Some images taken from The Bridge Theatre.