Award-winning branding for GoGo Brazilian

We worked with this Brighton small business over lockdown to develop their branding and website in preparation for the sector being able to re-open. It can be both exhilarating and challenging working with small business owners and sole traders. Quite understandably they have so much personally invested in the business, both financially and emotionally. It can be a delicate process to help clients see how, and why, their branding or website might need improving, particularly when the budget is coming directly from their own account, and not a marketing budget.

Thankfully the client took the brave steps to completely change their branding and it was an enlightening education into the world of Brazilian waxing, made all the more unique that our meetings took place on a park bench due to Covid restrictions at the time.

We also created a simple booking website to reflect the new award-winning branding, which, with some basic SEO has brought the website in from obscurity to page one, and with that, a great increase in potential clients.

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