Web browsers and productivity

The range of web browsers has been a perennial issue for the web design process. Designing a website and then ensuring  that it works and looks the same, regardless of which browser is displaying the site – how much collective time could have been saved globally had there been one universal browser?

But people’s web browser choice it seems, says something very interesting about their attitude to work. In a recent post by the renowned advertiser Dave Trott, we discover that in a survey of 30,000 call centre staff, productivity and quality of work can be linked to browser choice.

Those who used Firefox and Chrome, those how had not accepted the default web browser, stayed in their job longer, sold more and took less time off. Their decision to seek out a different, and their preferred, web browser was reflected in their use of initiative more widely. Questioning the status quo and finding a better way.

Unrelated but related, featuring both initiative and Firefox, the symbol has recently been adopted by disgruntled fans of the Chicago Bears, unhappy with their manager John Fox.

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