Secure web design and SEO

Web security and SEO


Way back in 2014, Google announced that it was prioritising website security and the HTTPS protocal. Google would like to encourange all website owners to switch from http to https in order to ‘help keep everyone safe on the web’.

Whilst this has long been standard practice in ecommerce, or where customer data is involved, we are starting to see this approach being used more and more by regular websites.

Should you switch to https?
Google has officially stated that websites using https will be given a small boost in search results. As a ranking factor it is still much less important than good quality content. However, they have also hinted that this factor may be strengthene over time, making it a vital aspect of SEO good practice.

For this reason it may be worth making the switch now. It can be a fairly straightforward process, depending on your hosting provider.

There are a number of steps that will need to be taken.

  • Your website hosting will need a dedicated IP address. (SSL certificate requirement)
  • Buy a certificate from a trusted authority (list of providers)
  • Activate and install the certificate
  • Update your website to use HTTPS

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