November 2017

This month’s logo features the typeface ‘Stag’ provided by Ilya Ruderman from Moscow. “Stag started in 2005 by Christian Schwartz as a small, muscular family of slab serifs intended to be used for display typography in the US edition of Esquire magazine. Subsequent years saw the magazine’s need for additional variations on the same basic theme eventually turn this small family into a sprawling and somewhat eccentric collection. Such a wide range of variations inevitably leads to a wide range of tones and moods, but the entire collection shares a certain masculinity, tempered by a warm and friendly tone which has been introduced by a large x-height and the subtle rounding off of some of the hard corners. In 2010 Ilya Ruderman helped to extend Stag Family with Cyrillic.” You can see more work here or download the font here.