January 2019

This month’s logo features the typeface ‘Double Lanes’ provided by Achilleas Aspris from Limassol, Cyprus. “Each typeface carries within it a great story. The history of the era in which it was designed and in addition the philosophical and aesthetic trends, the equivalence of the country in which it was designed and the socio-political conditions. This typeface was created under certain conditions – design choices. It was named Double Lanes because there is this feature of the two lanes on the font. A functional and perceived font with a recent and modern design, where it does not aim to write a textbook other than the design of posters, logos, prints and many other entries to give a modern and distinct existence to the result. It is a typeface that concerns a particular audience with the aim of winning it thanks to its features in combination with its title.”. You can see more of Achilleas’s work here.