Logo design for your own agency

Designing for yourself

It is perhaps the hardest of briefs. Logo design for your own design agency. There has been much written on the benefit of outsourcing the task to another design agency – to gain a fresh view – a perspective not achievable from within the organisation. And perhaps that is the approach that should be taken, echoing what we advocate to our clients.

For those that don’t, it is the most angst-ridden prospect. You’ll be judged on it, by your peers, by potential clients, and of course by yourself. Every time you see it. Perhaps this is why such a large percentage of design agencies settle on simple logotype solutions.

To alleviate the inevitable procrastination, we decided a few years ago to have a new logo design each month. It would stick to strict ‘brand design rules’, but each month we’d source an ‘M’ from a new designer or typographer. It has been an interesting task, featuring the work of typographers, designers and students from around the world.

Skirting the issue perhaps. Nonetheless, a solution to a problem.

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