Brighton’s dolphins

Throughout the City you’ll find pairs of dolphin’s. They’re even in the station to great you. But where did they come from?

The two dolphins have a long history in Brighton, but there seems to be no definitive source – whether purely the association of the sea, or potentially adopted from one of the leading local historic family’s emblems. Whatever the origin, the two dolphins were adopted by the Commissioners on Brighton, the local Government Body, in the early 19th Century, and continue to feature on many of the City’s buildings and municipal facilities, from the station to the Dome, mosaics on the Town Hall floor, and just on lamp posts.

The current Brighton & Hove arms are a combination of the two previously individual unitary authorities, united in 1997. The motto of which translates as “Between Downs and Sea We Flourish”, or if Google is more accurate, “Among Waves and Heights..”

Brighton & Hove Crest Designs

Brighton official blazon from 1897
The Brighton crest design was made up of two dolphins, coral and the six martlets of Sussex (The history of which go back to 1611 at least, and can be found here.

Hove official blazon from 1899
The Hove crest design was made up of a 16th century French galley, the cross of St Andrew, prisoner’s shackles, three martlets representing the town, and six martlets representing Sussex. Why these elements, can be found here.


Brighton Dolphins

Brighton Dolphins